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tv   Piers Morgan Tonight  CNN  January 16, 2012 6:00pm-6:34pm PST

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vouchers, i in arms about it.s saving money for herr education any day of the week. swelling and putting ace landed the whater way to mark bring back my lovely chelsee and i will be askingght, mr. morgan. >> dome? >> yesables over for your have you been british gentleman. we don't love. >> you will have to answer all condi rice r are you worth? of your life, what might ask me an anniversary, on a verycommend. that was awords. >> i'm a delicateknow. we wanted to turn wanted to go r some of yourquestions. let's start byet be. because in breaking news show, a show back in the
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a more hour-long interview with oht more like my these longerone intervie, of being the beoc course, everything change very very qu from your taping anrom the oprah inte would have to do live >> i was in new york and oprah . n't invite yourself oi was desperate come to chicago. i go she tapes in chicago. had ar got on a plane to l.a.he plane, producer, jo reading celebrityh this interview for, all hell had egypt. my i got the word from nhours. >> good evening, it's beene ext and ns across to cairo and is a good time t te anchored an hour of live himself e p'd the "today"'s at me, is he >> i'm live from a earthquakes but never any as struck japan lady are hosting a group of east room of the white house. a he had this to say about t >> for 42 uled through fear, tust libya, but te
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world is a safer place. >> i would like you know kind oanderson coy how did you feel about it? back britain as breaking news. report on this. the only thing could i actually anchor ae momentous times the brand of cnn i could properly, as larry king had done i found itterrifying. what you found and i you have t incredible re power of cnn no network like br. we could in teher few netted works others were. wasyes, we're number one at this. leaders you sat that's a mind matter what yourhough you claim. whatnetanyahu. >> to go to netanyahu who's been world. it you only get an hour of money and a lot . it was the firstnrab spring bro for me and the show political credentials a great
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for ugly it's the same inroyalt politics, news, in th be politi what i , the truth somehow, get doing you or eveng >> you will neverdreams. >> how do you with interview? >> of cour nightmare see this evilism back a violence and does everything we. islamism that therens the t die a guy polarizing ilike him or h. an be prime minister when there's east and keep a lid very impres saudi arabia, hashe showed me afghanistan, egypt and his nd b as he went country. watch this, tookhumb print of i these huge countries. he ai was, thisthumbprint, this tiny tiny expanse -- as wa all around potentially the lives of his t.
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>>idhim. i thought he character. i thought he had the hand and h felt it very before, hadn't found peace second chances now. there' do that it. >> what aboutcolin powell is a general and he was very colin p hero. >> one of the been in this town years.most, i'veio this political process.ere you r left their own extreme hold these as away from and and everybodagainst these >> a thoroughlyeone who always t pretty rare>> what about cond chat-up line? women becsemen. as an flirt with men intervier. too. >> are you aware of self-recognition. you do use that as an that's on. on a date any time li flirting seems shallow.y well with flirting. before. people were terrifie o -- inside sources ande -- i won't
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easyec an election year and of get to assail orshow, andfriend. favorites. i know i ve curious to see what it l newt gingrich to herman cai let's discuss some of your begi? >> some of i've met actually thought was a amhristie i spent the day with in ne incred e and i shared he told me about hs tirays, took on the case. took on the gangs, every nasty prt he never lost a case.ome record some record. boxer, he would be the think america needs people public office. i wcided not to run. iinks it's tooamily. >> your party is crying oudy th hasou dynamism to combatma and a good track checklists there arenow that ti the rirepublicans. ou tick most what, those are a, accurate tactical making this i'm making this decision se i'm ready to be president ofthn states right now. bite your tongue a lot in polic you have to because a to ask everyb what ty know -- sking all
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the different cele ask you about you happy with t am the country? are yo ano. >> no? >> no. view, would love h, metaphorical bloody nose on his see how hard he'strgainst him, yes, that'swh going to do it. >> has obama? >> m haven't seen more bold decdoing white gu black president. i think job. >> how do you think he's tough . heidi klum about obama since >> why sho klum. >> since she's german and a>> a? >> n citizen, why shouldn't i as really pompo canticians or serious people. ask anybody. it ds ask you what your thoug >> like everybody else, i office, he wonrace. i remember seeing him athe hote knight abo won the election. the flesh. there was a and abo valet parking area to all this and he got out of e a political rock star and crazy, deal, a knows how to milk be charming and flash a sle
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elected, would he president. i think balanced a done. he inherited one ofs of any pret and what he's done with theit. beginningn the box. to show more of the supportersr shied away from in office. he waspublicans, a bit too keen. i think her obama.s hair's gone grey and office. it will be a it's mitt romney, whetherit's rick it will be a very tough see is preside presot himself elected guy than we seee comes on we will take a break and i you answer it. here's t r anderson.w painful was andersr wre's a look at tebowing. >> this. am i>> you are. am i>> you are. >> this is the bring me? sciencr made me what i am today. and grs and a wireless microcontroller. ♪
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lifelock-- relentlessly protecting your identity. call 1-800-lifelock or go to dae monarchy, that's 10, 15 year occasion, widespreadhere, but s your experiencati know you were into the royalon, the sheer pressure of the event with a lineront of them, the ca throwback to pageantry and greatld can do. evenly moved by that because it damn the bri. thumbprints on a nice
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circumstances. >> people say, whyabout the roy spring day, realized what the royals really gi escapism. for that one bit of is crush,p a moment of,great? >> have you had them o haven't to them. know their ss the pond and tal marriage and everything was to the right? >> we taped it. say up.rything is rs, by the time >> does >> not really. theheir own way, they are aanyt. kim kardashian has mad million all. when i met her, id working on t her to do. polite, well fixed idea going t andt money. yes,churlish, cynical warhol's but times, creation of that.hing, everyone will the >> i bring i of people on then
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marriage or relationship and moments later it cllywood. that is par forh an ashton were on and it demi and putting on a sh their marriage was apart? >> no. time in las vegas and thoughty inive years tetjob never be sul when a marriage brea goes on different than whs a newspaper judgmental and get the reality is splits up. why should different? >> what marriage aresecond? >> my auditioning? >> i'm >> every time you're on you outd show, sod have done, thei i want to knowwh like the karda?
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are we off? are we done? >> i'm not. i'm still here. >> well -- >> it would appear the interview
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has just been ended. are you under the influence right now of any substances? >> nothing. i'm under the influence of you. you. >> that might not be the best influence. >> i'll take it. i'll take it. >> a lot of people attacked you for being too nice to charlie sheen, by the way i was bumped for. do you remember bumping me for charlie sheen. >> one of my favorite interviews of the year. >> my favorite, too. >> i was very excited because i didn't want to come here in the first place. >> you were overexcited and then crushingly disappointed. >> why were you so nice to him? >> i like charlie sheen. he interviewed him 20 years ago, hadn't seen him since. probably the most dramatic day i had in cnn, turned up with five minutes to spare, we had no plan b. promised me he would show and got out of this limousine in l.a. with a weird entourage and
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said, man, relax, we'll go rock'n roll. he did that for an hour. >> do you think he was high while you were interviewing him? >> he pulled out membly this drugs test report he had showed he was clean. about three segments later in one of the commercial breaks. he sign id it for me, to piers, let's get hammered, charlie. i laughed. charlie sheen can lead his life any way he sees fit. >> i want to talk about christine o'donnell walking out on you. it was satellite. she didn't do it in person, over the television. >> it was bizarre. she came on to promote her book and when she talked about all these things in her life, scandals she had been through and controversies. when i began to ask her about them in detail, she looked completely affronted. i was like, no offense, love, you're here to sell this book, i'm asking you about stuff in your book, and you're a politician. what is this problem here? >> i think you're absolutely right on that point.
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i think there are some questions you asked where you do push and push the person. i know i've been a victim of it. >> you poor little asian flower. >> look at me, i'm a shell of what i was. >> really. i'm so sorry. >> let's look at a clip of some of hur i ji-- your hi jings. >> i'm not in the 1%. >> probably 2%. you're one of the most successful film makers. for a documentary filmmaker i do well. >> now, you're splitting hair. >> that's not what i'm asking you, i'm only asking you as his attorney for some factual evidence which may well help your client. you still haven't answered me as to how much money, how he paid the money and how often he paid it and when the payments first started. do you know the answers? >> thank you. i do know the answers and it's not my place to come on to your show- >> what are you worth? >> i don't know. >> yes, due. >> no, i don't know. >> you're one of those people
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that knows exactly how much you're worth. >> i don't know how much i'm worth. >> you're a ruthless business machine. >> i am worthless. >> any can find out how much money i make. >> how? >> just, they can. why are you -- shut-up, just shut-up. >> how do you think larry king would have handled the situation, like any of those? >> in the graceful brilliant way he did with every situation for 25 years, one of my heroes. >> what do you think about larry king? one of of your heroes? >> he was. i watched him for 25 years, he was an an institution. part of coming here, he was a legend, like phil donahue. it must have been quite a moment to take over for larry king, a guy who did 7,000 shows in 25 years and part of the fabric of america. one thing i'm pleased about, we got to the end of the first year and finally people aren't constantly cam pairing my show to larry's. they're different shows and we
6:19 pm
have different interview styles. that was a real hurdle to get over. he's just, as i say, a legend. >> you have some similarities to larry king. due like to interrupt a lot. you do have that going for you. >> if they start being boring or on view ska-- interrupting -- l morgan freeman came to play. an open book, whether about politics or brilliantly controversial, i knew he held these views, about women, he was a bit naughty but it was very funny and he knew what he was doing, everything i asked him about, he was entertaining, informative, interesting and a proper star. >> screw the country, we will do whatever we do to get this black man, do whatever we can to get this black man out of here. >> do you feel like you're being judged by other journalists, tom brokaw, barbara walters, how do
6:20 pm
you feel when you have to interview somebody like that? >> it's always challenging. i like it. they're all feisty -- >> do you think barbara walters is feisty? sn>> one of the most feisty wom you can meet. >> on camera or off. >> there is not one country other than israel that does not have a king or dictator. we support many of those countries. >> she's ferociously hard working, incredibly professional and utterly ruthless. i want half her passion when i'm her age and one thing to aspire to. >> one thing you asked barbara walters, how many times have you been properly in love. >> a great question. >> let's look at these bevy of reactions. >> how many times have you been properly in love? >> properly in love? that's a good question actually how many times have you been properly in love? >> never. next question. >> you are making me fall
6:21 pm
properly in love with you, i mean it. >> how many times have you -- >>, you did not -- >> once, and i remain there. >> how many times have you been properly in love? >> how many times have you been properly in love? honestly, i've been waiting long enough -- >> you've been watching the show. >> it's time for another break and another question i will not let you answer. it's your favorite. how many times have you been properly in love? while you ponder that, here's one of my favorite moments, piers morgan versus manny pacquiao. ok! who gets occasional constipation,
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you're good. you are good. >> i want to congratulate you in unseating a 95-year-old man. >> if i was going to woo you, which isn't completely crazy, if i was going to -- >> convince me you'll spend sunday afternoons watching football. >> you sum it up so well. >> i prefer it when you said you would take me to a dark.ed room and spank me. it was less awkward. >> the truth is, i have to say, being here on this show is the greatest moment. le. so that was a very impressive
6:26 pm
first week. >> not bad. >> you had oprah. what do you think of oprah? >> i loved oprah. she was so genuine. i never met her before. she walked into the interview, supposed to give me 40 minutes and gave me two hours and when i went there, all she did was pump up my show and say what a great time she had. that was very selfless and generous and didn't have to do that, a young guy taking over for the great larry king. i thought that was a generous thing she did to me. >> that's one of the toughest interviews i've had in years. >> was she one of of the best guests you had? >> oprah, to me, is one of the biggest stars in the world. no other star in music or television has made the money she has done or built the empire she has gone or a better story for getting there. oprah is one of the most inspiring stories you could wish to see.
6:27 pm
i loved interviewing her. i thought she was terrific. >> i want you to keep your answers brief and try not to interrupt me in the middle of asking you. so, how many times have you been properly in love? >> i'm not going to tell you. >> that's ridiculous. why? just say it. you don't have to say who it was, just say lo many times. >> nobody ever has to answer that question. i'm a british gentleman. we don't talk about things like sex and love. >> what about hipocracy, do you talk about that? >> i have been known to. i've been known to perpetrate. >> it i assu-- i assume you are love with the wife you have now and the previous wife? >> that would be correct. >> and how many others do you think there will be along the way? >> i thought you might ask me. >> these are the questions you might ask. >> you get into a rhythm. >> so answer the question. >> you're interrupting me. see how easy it is?
6:28 pm
>> yep. >> i would say the moment i would most like the relive, a professional moment, it was one when i was editor in chief of "the daily mirror" and the biggest news story happened in my lifetime, 9/11, disaster. we were the smallest paper in terms of staff and resource in britain at the time. it was the british press awards, most prestigious event came about four or five months later. we won all four of the major awards including newspaper of the year for our coverage of 9/11. i thought, that's the biggest story i will ever cover as a journalist with outstanding -- >> what would you want to relive for that? >> the moment they said we won newspaper of the year. >> i would like that five minutes back. >> why? >> it was long-winded. >> if you could go back to before you were famous and walk through this door that says fame, i didn't know there was this door but in your version of
6:29 pm
events, there is, but would you walk through that door? >> i would love to. i love being famous if you're a mom of three kids with no income, that's a tough life. having your photograph taken and do interviews to promote your own show and make even more money for yourself and answering difficult questions occasionally. having the private life often in most cases you have sold for commercial gain yourself discussed by journalists, you know what, get over yourselves. we are very very lucky to be well-known, to enjoy all the traps, the upgrades of airlines, fancy tables in good restaurants, nice cars, don't you think? >> i absolutely agree with you 100%. what would you like your epitaph to say? >> i'd love it to say, he tried his best. i always try to do everything i do to my best. that, to me, is a great maxim for life. try your best.
6:30 pm
because then if you fail, you weren't quite good enough and gave it your all. >> you love your celebrity guests -- >> you're being rude to me about responding to what your guests are saying. >> they want me to come and play you for a day, and i'm being rude. >> i don't do that. i have eye contact. >> we have eye contact. it's not my fault if you're not staring at my eyes. even though you're flirtatious, you flirt with men and women. men and women. >> i'm ambidextrous, what can i say. >> when we come back, we'll talk more about josh brolin. >> ♪ to all the tax dodging in london please just give it a rest for today, can you thanks ♪ [ woman ] my boyfriend and i were going on vacation, so i used my citi thank you card to pick up some accessories. a new belt. some nylons.
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reasonably good. you have to be careful. >> does sex get better with age, do you think? >> you tell me. you're the one taking vie gragg. >> being super rich, smashingly successful, good looking, tv star. >> helping my confidence. >> you are the absolute personification of the modern day sex symbol, aren't you? >> wow, where do we go from here? >> i don't know. i'm hoping somewhere nice. >> you flirt with men as equally as women. what's that about? >> g interview technique. >> are you sure you're not just being a buffoon? >> how do you even know what nat word means? >> buffoon? because i'm looking at one. what happens when you decide you want to flirt with adam levine. when you have oscar winners on -- >> that was manly banter. >> that won't manly banter when you were talking to josh brolin,
6:36 pm
your face was lighting up. >> a handsome man. >> i'm a woman, i've interviewed adam and didn't look like you, like a schoolgirl. >> i saw you with 50 cent. >> tell me about your interview with 50 cent. >> he's a surprising guy. i love interviews when they're surprising. >> i feel the exact same way. >> i had people say the same thing. there's a guy in a smart suit, talking eloquently and intelligently and very thoughtfully about social issues. i admired him. thy guy has worked out about life and how to, as he said, get out of the ghetto, as he did. >> right. you know i feel the same way, since i slept with him. what do you -- i know when you interview people like whoopi goldberg, colin firth, when you have esteemed actors on, people who have won academy awards, you love that. >> actors and actresses are the
6:37 pm
hardest. they're tough because they're so used to playing a role. they're actually not very good at playing themselves. you occasionally get a real gem like anthony hopkins or who else? jeff bridges was great. morgan freeman, people very very good at being themselves as well. but there are a lot of actors and actresses who are actually quite dumb in real life. they're so used to playing other people all their energy goes into these characters. and they're not very aware of who they really are. >> how do you feel about comedians? females or male comedians? >> a lot of comedians are quite depressive, tricky characters. i think it comes from this horrible need they have, which is the drive they have in them to make people laugh. there's nothing worse, i shouldn't imagine, someone whose job it is to make people laugh and you don't get one. i think it instills an awful insecurity and paranoia in comedians. most comedians i know are edgy.
6:38 pm
they talk in a quite depressing way about their lives. they often go through a lot of angst. but they still remain very funny. occasionally you get an exception. jimmy fallon sat here, he played the guitar, he sang, he did impressions, h he told jokes. and this exuberance came through. so he was the exception. most comedians are tricky. >> what about kathie griffin when she tried to face hump you. >> one of the most dangerous moments of my life. >> can you imagine comie sittin and kathy griffin comes at you like a rampant hyena. >> how did you fend her off. >> like you. >> you never had to fend me off. i keep coming back as a favor to you and your network. i happen to know you can play one song and one song only. well, whatever, it's one song
6:39 pm
you can play. that gets old no matter what. and you seem to think you're some sort of rock star. but here's how a real rock star behaves. >> hi kids. be somebody. >> that is brilliant. ♪ he was a 21st century global nomad ♪
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>> you know, only god knows. only god knows. >> when i was told i was going to be interviewed by piers morgan i was like, man, that's piers morgan. >> i suppose if i was going to start any interview with you, that would be women. >> go on then. >> you've made your life long pursuit glamorous women. would you attest to that? >> let's talk about your obsession with iter. last time i was on the show, you were tweeting on between the commercial breaks. how many twitter followers do you have? >> when did you join, first of all? >> i don't remember. >> years before me.
6:44 pm
>> probably two year fs. you're at 1.7 million follows. i'm sure i have twice as much as that. >> and you've been on twice as long. >> i have 4.4 and you have 1.7. >> i'll take you down. >> if you hosted your show in place of me, we should see who has the higher ratings, i have a feeling it won't be you. >> a bet is a bet. >> i have to run that by e! anyway, so jack nicholson, that's who you want on the show the most. >> he's the holy grail. >> i think jack would be great on this show. have you reached out to him? >> i keep saying on the show, hoping he's sitting there watching thinking, if i just do one interview with one guy on tv, it's going to be this guy. >> you think he'll want to do the one interview with you? what do you have to offer him that everybody else doesn't?
6:45 pm
>> i do interviews different than anyone else. you either like it or you don't. >> what if he doesn't like it? >> he will because he's my hero. if oprah is the biggest star in the world, jack is the most chaise mattic star in the world. he's a brilliant actor. every summer you see him on a boat surrounded by nubile young things, a big pack of beer and pizza. and he doesn't care about the paparazzi. >> is that the life you would like to lead? >> yes. i would like to be jack nicholson. >> okay, let's look at everybody kissing your ass for the end of the year. >> i love that idea. ♪ and they call it puppy love >> more people saw our interview than anything i did. >> you're good at this, you know? and you do it with such a height easy way. one might even forget oneself
6:46 pm
and answer your question. >> what happened to me in the supermarket most of the time is people say piers morgan, can i have your photograph? >> what he is your idea of a little bit of heaven? >> being here with you. this is my little bit of heaven. >> what's a big dream role for you? >> to play you. >> i'm really understanding you, by the way, usually when british people talk i just hear like doi, doi, doi, doi. >> you're really turn into is a shrink. >> you can't shut him uh up. not even with a taco. >> all right, settle down, piers. yikes. wow. >> fava beans and a nice chianti. >> my wife and i -- this may sound like i'm blowing smoke but we were sitting in bed watching piers morgan. >> piers promised everybo